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India's rich agricultural heritage encompasses a wide array of Pulses, often referred to as 'dal' in the local cuisine. These legumes are not only a dietary staple but also a significant source of protein for millions. At RDAI International, we take great pride in presenting an assortment of premium Pulses, sourced from various regions of India, known for their distinct characteristics and superior quality.

Chickpeas - 38/40

Chickpeas - 40/42

Chickpeas - 42/44

Chickpeas - 44/46

Chickpeas - 46/48

Chickpeas - 58/60

Chickpeas - 75/80


Pigeon Peas

Moong Beans

Black Matpe

Kidney Beans

Yellow Peas

Green Peas

Black Eyed Peas

Chickpeas - 7 Varieties: Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo beans, are a vital part of Indian cuisine and come in several sizes. Cultivated across various states in India, we offer:

  • Chickpeas 38/40, Chickpeas 40/42, Chickpeas 42/44: Known for their medium-sized grains.
  • Chickpeas 44/46, Chickpeas 46/48: Known for their slightly smaller grains.
  • Chickpeas 58/60: Known for their larger grains.
  • Chickpeas 75/80: Known for their relatively small grains.

Lentils: Lentils, a crucial source of protein, are a staple in Indian diets. They are cultivated extensively across the country, with various types and colours such as red, brown, green and black.

Pigeon Peas: Pigeon Peas, also known as Toor Dal, are a key component in Indian cuisine. India is one of the largest producers and consumers of Pigeon Peas.

Moong Beans: Moong Beans are known for their rich protein content.

Black Matpe: Black Matpe, commonly known as Urad Dal, is a highly valued pulse in Indian cuisine. India particularly is a major producer of Black Matpe.

Kidney Beans: Kidney Beans, also known as Rajma, are an essential part of North Indian cuisine.

Yellow Peas and Green Peas: Yellow Peas and Green Peas. They are versatile and used in various Indian dishes.

Black Eyed Peas: Black Eyed Peas, also known as Lobia.

Each of these Pulses is carefully cultivated in specific regions across India, leveraging the unique climatic and soil conditions to produce exceptional quality. Our commitment to quality ensures that these Pulses maintain their natural taste, nutrition and quality. Experience the richness of Indian Pulses through our curated collection and elevate your culinary creations.