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Non-Basmati Rice

Non-Basmati Rice - A Bounty of Variety

Our non-Basmati rice varieties are sourced from different regions of India, ensuring you have access to a diverse range of rice options, each suitable for various culinary applications.

Indian White Raw Rice 5% Broken

Indian White Raw Rice 25% Broken

Parboiled Rice 5% Broken

Parboiled 25% Broken

Swarna Rice 5% Broken

Swarna Rice 10% Broken

Swarna Rice 15% Broken

Swarna Rice 25% Broken

Sugandha Raw Rice

Sugandha Steam Rice

Sugandha Sella Rice

Sugandha Golden Sella Rice

Sharbati Raw Rice

Sharbati Steam Rice

Sharbati Sella Rice

Sharbati Golden Sella Rice

PR 11 Raw Rice

PR 11 Steam Rice

PR 11 Sella Rice

PR 11 Golden Sella Rice

PR 14 Raw Rice

PR 14 Steam Rice

PR 14 Sella Rice

PR 14 Golden Sella Rice

Parmal Raw Rice

Parmal Steam Rice

Parmal Sella Rice

Parmal Golden Sella Rice

Sona Masoori Raw Rice

Sona Masoori Steam Rice

Discover the Versatility and Nourishment of Non-Basmati Rice

India's heartland, with its fertile fields and diverse landscapes, yields an array of Non-Basmati rice varieties:

Indian White Raw Rice: Available in 5% and 25% broken grains, this rice type is cherished for its universal appeal and is perfect for various culinary creations.

Parboiled Rice: Choose from 5% and 25% broken grains in this category, known for its versatility and excellent cooking qualities.

Swarna Rice: Enjoy 5%, 10%, 15% and 25% broken grains of Swarna Rice, a staple for households across India.

Sugandha Rice: Relish the aromatic experience of Sugandha Raw, steam, Sella and Golden Sella Rice, each offering a unique flavour profile.

Sharbati Rice: Sharbati Raw, Steam, Sella and Golden Sella varieties are celebrated for their wholesome goodness and delightful taste.

PR 11 Rice: Choose from Raw, Steam, Sella and Golden Sella PR 11 rice options, known for their superior quality.

PR 14 Rice: Enjoy the diverse qualities of Raw, Steam, Sella and Golden Sella PR 14 rice varieties, each adding a distinctive touch to your cuisine.

Parmal Rice: This category presents Parmal Raw, Steam, Sella and Golden Sella Rice, known for their wholesome appeal.

Sona Masoori Rice: Sona Masoori Raw and Steam rice offers a light, aromatic and nutritious choice for your meals.

Each rice variety is cultivated in specific regions of India, harnessing the unique climatic and soil conditions. Our commitment to quality ensures that you get rice that meets the highest standards, providing you with a delightful and authentic dining experience. Explore the rich tapestry of Indian rice through our carefully curated selection and savour the taste of India's diverse culture and traditions.