About Us

At RDAI International Private Limited, we are a dynamic force in the realm of global exports. Our mission is to empower global progress and connections through exceptional exports, driven by a commitment to excellence. Our diverse product range spans categories as Building Materials, Engineering Products, Agricultural Goods, Textiles & Apparels, Chemicals, Plastic Products, Handicraft Products, Pharmaceuticals and more, connecting industries worldwide through reliable, affordable exports.

Our core values, Samparka (संर्पक), Seva (सेवा), Samartha (समर्थ), Suhrid (सुहृद), and Daya (दया), guide us in our pursuit. We believe in maintaining strong connections with our clients and partners (Samparka), offering dedicated service (Seva), continuously enhancing our capabilities (Samartha), treating our clients as friends (Suhrid), and practicing compassion in all our interactions (Daya).

We take pride in our collaboration with thousands of farmers and manufacturers as sourcing partners, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in our products. This network allows us to deliver excellence at every step of the process.

Driven by a vision to redefine the export landscape, we envision a world where our exports don't just transform industries, but enrich lives and aspirations. Guided by these core values, we strive to be the unrivaled leaders in exports and imports, setting new benchmarks for diversity and excellence.

Our team's passion, experience, and our unique export order processing procedure, developed over years of expertise, allow us to offer solutions that inspire trust and forge enduring relationships. At RDAI International, we are not just exporters, but pioneers, reshaping global trade with a fusion of innovation and reliability.

Join us on this exciting journey of empowerment, progress, and global connectivity. Discover how RDAI International is more than a company; we're a catalyst for change, making an indelible impact on industries and lives.

Mission Statement:

Empowering Global Progress and Connections through Exceptional Exports

At RDAI International, our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to deliver a diverse range of exceptional exports that ignite global progress. We are dedicated to building enduring connections with clients worldwide through innovation, personalized service, and a blend of quality and reliability that consistently exceeds expectations.


Vision Statement:

Redesigning the Landscape of Global Exports, Enriching Lives

Our vision at RDAI International is to be the catalyst reshaping industries worldwide, redefining the export landscape with a fusion of innovation and reliability. Guided by core values of customer-centricity and service, we aspire to be the unrivaled leaders in exports and imports. By fostering collaborations, setting benchmarks for diversity and excellence, we aim to make a global impact that not only transforms industries but also enhances lives and aspirations."


At RDAI International, our team embodies a diverse and experience group of professionals, unified by a strong foundation of credibility and trust. Our organizational structure is characterized by its flat hierarchy and responsiveness, ensuring agile decision-making and efficient operations. At the helm of the organization, our top management comprises accomplished professionals and serial entrepreneurs, boasting extensive experience across various domains including Exports and Imports, Construction, MEPs Work Design and Planning, Finance and Investment Planning, Real Estate, Retail, Distribution, Logistics, Sourcing. Each team member contributes a unique specialization, empowering our organization to reach and exceed its goals & objectives.

The Core Team - The Nucleus of Our Organization
Jaykishan Devendra Joshi
Founder, CEO

Mr. Jaykishan Devendra Joshi is an accomplished leader and serial entrepreneur known for his dynamic vision and exceptional management skills. With over a decade of extensive experience spanning in the diverse fields such as Export and Import, Construction, MEP’s design & strategic planning. He has navigated the complexities of multiple commodities export with finesse. Also, he has spearheaded the planning and execution of numerous prestigious construction projects, both on international soil and under his leadership at his homeland. He brings a global perspective to the table, having seamlessly operated on the international stage. Throughout his career, Mr. Joshi has forged close relationships with domestic market leaders as well as global industry giants. His exceptional network of manufacturers and suppliers has been pivotal in propelling the company's success. Mr. Jaykishan Devendra Joshi's hands-on proficiency in the import-export market serves as a valuable asset to the company, contributing significantly to its strategic direction and operational excellence.

Vishal Anil Brahmbhatt
Founder, CEO

Mr. Vishal Anil Brahmbhatt is a distinguished leader and serial entrepreneur renowned for his unwavering dedication and laser-focused approach. With over a decade of extensive experience spanning in diverse fields such as Export and Import, Construction, MEP’s design and strategic planning, he has consistently excelled in steering the planning and execution of numerous prestigious construction projects. In addition to his accomplishments, Mr. Brahmbhatt possesses a unique skill set encompassing aerodynamics, metrology and holds the distinction of being a trained commercial aircraft pilot. Mr. Vishal Anil Brahmbhatt's distinctive vision and strategic guidance have been instrumental in driving our organization towards unprecedented levels of success. His leadership in nurturing talent, fostering a culture of innovation and empowering our workforce has created a dynamic and motivated team. His ability to navigate complex logistical challenges has enabling us to deliver products and services with the utmost reliability.

Hiren Devendra Joshi
Founder, CEO Overseas Operations

Mr. Hiren Devendra Joshi is a distinguished leader and serial entrepreneur renowned for his exceptional financial acumen and investment expertise. With an extensive career spanning over a decade, he has showcased unparalleled proficiency across diverse fields such as Export and Import, Finance, Investment and specialization in an anti-money laundering specialist. Mr. Joshi's expertise extends to the food industry, where he successfully operates multicuisine restaurants in the Gulf region. Additionally, he holds specialized knowledge in spices, agricultural products, processed foods and confectionery. Mr. Joshi serves as a guiding force, ensuring that our international ventures exemplify excellence, efficiency and strategic growth. He plays a pivotal role in aligning our companies with global standards, facilitating seamless operations on international soil and establishing vital connections that drive our exports to meet the required global standards across diverse locations.

Why Choose RDAI International

At RDAI International, we take pride in our ability to source unique and customized products that often elude traditional procurement channels. This distinct capability has become our hallmark and sets us apart in the industry. Our dedicated management team leaves no stone unturned to facilitate the export of these specialized products, ensuring that our client’s unique needs are met.

Customer Satisfaction is paramount at RDAI International. We are dedicated to ensuring our client’s purchases are not only delivered promptly but also aligned precisely with their specifications. Every facet of our operations is meticulously designed to achieve customer delight as the ultimate objective.

What truly distinguishes us is our dedication to providing a competitive pricing advantage and personalized services. We wholeheartedly welcome orders of all sizes, whether they are valued at $1 or $1,000,000. When you engage with us, you can trust that your inquiry, regardless of its scale, will receive our prompt attention and a timely response.

Transparency and Communication are the cornerstones of our operations. We maintain an open line of communication, providing consistent feedback to both our clients and suppliers regarding product details and availability. Additionally, we vigilantly track the movement of containers, ensuring our clients are informed of their whereabouts and proximity to their destinations. Our commitment is to offer an integrated, one-stop solution that covers the entire spectrum of our client’s needs - from sourcing to shipment and from logistics support to on-time delivery.

We're dedicated to perfection in all facets of export – be it quantity, quality, delivery & price. We leave no room for compromise.
Whether it's a large bulk order or a smaller quantity, every request is treated with the utmost importance. Your business matters to us, regardless of its scale.
Our dedicated team ensures a smooth logistical experience. Even in challenging situations, we ensure timely deliveries
Our products are tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring top-notch quality and meeting your unique needs.
Whether it's a single item or a multi-commodity shipment, we have the expertise to handle it all efficiently.
Your trust is essential to us. We welcome third-party inspections to provide you with added assurance of our product quality.
We simplify international transactions by facilitating direct exports from manufacturers to buyers, saving you both time and money.
Each product we deliver comes with the necessary test certificates, guaranteeing the authenticity and superior quality of our goods.
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