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Oil & Oil Seeds

Oil & Oil Seeds:

India's diverse climatic conditions and fertile soil make it an ideal hub for cultivating various oilseeds and producing high-quality oils. At RDAI International, we take immense pride in offering a wide range of premium oilseeds and oils sourced from various regions of India, each with its unique characteristics and flavour profiles.

Peanuts - Bold 35/40

Peanuts - Bold 38/42

Peanuts - Bold 40/50

Peanuts - Bold 50/60

Peanuts - Java 50/60

Peanuts - Java 80/90

Peanuts - Tj 50/60

Peanuts - Tj 80/90

Blanched Peanuts - Whole 38/42

Blanched Peanuts - Whole 40/50

Blanched Peanuts - Split 38/42 (41/51)

Blanched Peanuts - Split 40/50

Sesame - Natural

Sesame - Natural (Roasted)

Sesame - Natural (99/1/1)

Sesame - Golden

Sesame - Hulled (Seeds Premium)

Sesame - Hulled (99.97)

Sesame - Hulled (99.95)

Sesame - Hulled (Toasted)

Sesame - Natural (Z-Black)

Sesame - Black

Mustard Seeds - Black

Mustard Seeds - Yellow

Mustard Seeds - Brown


Castor Oil

Groundnut Oil

Sunflower Oil

Corn, Soybean And Other Vegetable Oil

Coconut Oil

Cottonseed Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Sunflower Seeds

Fenugreek Seed

Niger Seeds

Dill Seeds

Peanuts: Peanuts, also known as groundnuts, a beloved snack worldwide, are a versatile source of oil and nutrition. We offer eight varieties of peanuts, each cultivated in specific regions of India, known for their unique quality and taste.

  • Bold 35/40: Known for its larger size and nutty flavour.
  • Bold 38/42: Loved for its medium size and rich taste.
  • Bold 40/50: Valued for its versatility in culinary applications.
  • Bold 50/60: Recognized for its smaller size and robust crunch.
  • Java 50/60: Treasured for its classic peanut flavour and widespread cultivation across various Indian states.
  • Java 80/90: Celebrated for its smaller size and intense peanut taste.
  • Tj 50/60: Infamous for its classic peanut crunch.
  • Tj 80/90: Recognized for its smaller size and bold peanut flavour.

Blanched Peanuts: Blanched peanuts offer a different culinary experience and we provide four varieties, each suitable for various dishes.

  • Blanched Whole 38/42: Loved for its slightly larger size and smooth texture.
  • Blanched Whole 40/50: Valued for its versatile nature and rich taste texture.
  • Blanched Split 40/50: Recognized for its ease of use in cooking texture.
  • Blanched Split 40/50: Celebrated for its balanced flavor and crisp texture.

Sesame: Sesame seeds are renowned for their nutty flavour and are cultivated in multiple regions in India, resulting in a diverse selection:

  • Natural Sesame: Known for its classic sesame taste and versatility.
  • Natural Sesame – Roasted: Loved for its enhanced nutty aroma.
  • Natural Sesame - 99/1/1: Valued for its premium quality and purity.
  • Golden Sesame: Recognized for its delightful golden hue and rich flavour.
  • Hulled Sesame Seeds Premium: Treasured for its unmatched quality.
  • Hulled Sesame - 99.7: Celebrated for its high purity level.
  • Hulled Sesame - 99.5: Infamous for its premium quality.
  • Natural Z-Black: Recognized for its distinctive dark colour and robust flavour.

Other Oil Seeds: India's agricultural diversity extends to various oilseeds, each harvested in specific regions, resulting in exceptional quality:

  • Black Sesame: Known for its bold flavour and unique dark colour.
  • Black Mustard Seeds: Valued for its pungent taste and strong aroma.
  • Yellow Mustard Seeds: Celebrated for its versatility in condiments and pickles.
  • Brown Mustard Seeds: Recognized for its earthy flavour and culinary applications.
  • Niger Seeds: Treasured for its oil content and distinct taste.
  • Sunflower Seeds: Loved for their crunchy texture and nutty flavour.
  • Dill Seeds: Infamous for their aromatic qualities and culinary versatility.
  • Fenugreek Seed: Recognized for its rich aroma and health benefits.

Oils: Our oil collection includes various vegetable oils, each pressed from high-quality oilseeds, preserving their natural essence and flavour.

  • Ghee: The golden nectar of Indian cooking, renowned for its rich, nutty flavour.
  • Castor Oil: Valued for its therapeutic properties and extensive industrial use.
  • Groundnut Oil: Known for its mild flavour and suitability for multiple cooking styles.
  • Sunflower Oil: Celebrated for its light taste and high smoking point.
  • Corn, Soybean and Other Vegetable Oils: Versatile choices for cooking and frying.
  • Coconut Oil: A tropical delight, perfect for cooking and skincare.
  • Cottonseed Oil: Loved for its neutral taste and versatility.
  • Rice Bran Oil: Recognized for its high smoke point and heart-healthy properties.

Each of these oilseeds and oils is cultivated in specific regions of India, harnessing the unique climatic and soil conditions to produce exceptional quality. We take great care in sourcing and preserving the natural essence of these products, ensuring they reach you with their full aroma, flavour and potency. Explore the richness of Indian oilseeds and oils through our curated collection and elevate your culinary creations and well-being to new heights.